Is It Possible To Shape Your Sport Hats Yourself

Wearing sport hats are usually for casual occasion such as watching games or doing sport outdoor. Sport hats are not only for men because today you can see there are women who love wearing them. There is no rule of who can wear sport hats and play judi bola. In the past, sport hats are only for particular sport players or those in military. Today, sport hats are part of fashion accessories that emit bolder statements to your own styles. However, it is also often that the sport hats you bought doesn’t really meet your expectation. For example, the bill is too curvy or too flat. The solution is to re-shape the hats to follow your preference and it’s possible.

Good Fit

It is highly recommended to buy sport hats with a good fit. Thus, it will snug comfortably to your head. It won’t fall off anytime the wind gushes. It won’t make you experience severe headache either. Selecting sport hat with a good fit is the key for you to stay comfortable wearing it all day long. Sport hats such as baseball caps are made into regular sizes. However, there are also sport hats which are designed with additional features such as plastic strap or elastic bands so the size is more adjustable to your head’s size and shape.

Shape Your Sport Hats
Shape Your Sport Hats

The Bill or The Brim

Another common issue with sport hats is that the bill or the brim. There are those who like flat bills. However, there are also some people who prefer curve bill when it comes to sport hats. Actually, you can shape the bill accordingly. It is highly recommended to re-shape the bill when it’s still new.

You can break in your new sport hat with simple trick. For example, you want to make your baseball cap’s bill flat. You can simply dampen it with hot water. Wait a little bit until the temperature is bearable for your skin. Then, wear your cap and shape the bill according to your preference. If you like it flat, then flat it out. Simply use your own hands to re-shape the bill of your cap. Let your cap air dry to conform the shape of your own head.

Hot Water

Another way to flatten your sport hat is by dampening it with hot water. Then, place the hat on the flat surface such as kitchen counter. Then, weigh it down with something that has flat-bottoming such as cooking pot. Fill the cooking pot with hot water before using it to weigh the cap down. If you want to make it curve instead, spray hot water to the bill then roll it until it fits a large mug. Let it stay inside the mug till it dries properly.

Shape Your Sport Hats
Shape Your Sport Hats

Actually, you can also just wear new sport hats and frequently reshape the bill with your hands. It will reach the shape that you want eventually. Make sure to not manipulate the hat excessively especially when it is made of materials that easily tear.